Thursday, December 8, 2011

A good gift = love

A good friend knows that sometimes its not having the right words to say, but being thoughtful that counts. As for our recent situation, there aren't any great words of comfort to ease the pain. But some of my sweet friends have known that there are indeed things that help... Like cookies dropped on my doorstep by a new neighbor/acquaintance, a pack of sharpies that came in the mail with some slinky's for the kids. ...A text or voicemail that required no response other than to hear the love in the message. Spontaneous invitations to breakfast. Loving comments on the blog. Two different friends sent songs to encourage us. Some friends took us away for the weekend after Thanksgiving... Today this sweet and adorably wrapped tiny present came with a friend's Christmas card. In it was this sweet embroidered "L" necklace.
The giver has no way of knowing that though I was the only "L" grandchild to my grandmother Lillian, I never received any of her promised initial jewelry when she passed - and that makes this even sweeter.
I have been loved on by so many of you friends. Thank you for knowing that Sharpies do actually help ease grief and that healing comes in many forms - including necklaces and cookies.
You all know who you are and I'm so grateful for you.
(ps- the embroidered necklace had a tag that says " - in case you're interested, and the other necklace can be found at - an amazing non-profit organization started by another friend)

Christmas at our house

Someday in the future, there may be a day when I don't live at this house. This is what I will remember about Christmas, when I look back. My (Bachelder tile, for those who care) fireplace is the part of my home that makes me happiest besides my front door. Old homes are amazing and somehow lend extra nostalgia to holidays, don't you think?



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