Monday, November 7, 2011

Habitat Quilt - completed

The LAMQG meeting is tonight and I had to finish the Habitat Challenge quilt by the meeting, so when I attempted binding it last night on the couch and fell asleep, well, the quilt had to take a road trip with me this morning, to get worked on during errands. As I waited for Baby to visit with his mom at DCFS, I sat in the car and finished the last of the binding... Phew it's done!
Have to say: I LOVED HAND QUILTING THIS. What a great experience that was. Of course it added about 30 hours to the project, but the end result feels so much better than anything I could have done with my machine.
I also learned that a lot of the adventures of hand sewing rely on the needles you choose. Not that I've found the perfect ones yet, but I am starting to form opinions. (me, opinions?) ha.



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