Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LAMQG swap

IMG_2080 by n.ramirez
IMG_2080, a photo by n.ramirez on Flickr.

Another funny pic from the LAMQG meeting. I meant to get a photo of this pillow before I gave it to my partner Patsy, but I didn't, so fortunately, Nicole got a pic of me giving it to Patsy when we had our home goods swap last night. It was a color scheme that was a real stretch for me and yet I had fun with it. I made a ticker tape pillow for her, mostly because I love making ticker tape stuff and there's simply never enough opportunities to do it.... I also added in a little quilted pouch (as I am prone to do) and a mod podged candle that matched the set.
I'll post what I got in the swap later.
woot! (mine came in the mail today!)



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