Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall History Lesson

I've posted a pic of this lovely church in my neighborhood before, but I didn't know what I now know... The other day I was I'm an adjacent building, speaking with some friends of mine who attend and serve at the church itself... And they shares with me that not only is this church a 1/8 replica of a cathedral in England, but it was actually the first church in Los Angeles to integrate and became one of the main stops for Martin Luther King Jr. to visit each time he was in Los Angeles.
I have to say I nearly began crying when I heard this. I also felt so honored to be a part of this special place in LA, an important location in history and the re-integration of our neighborhood... We've had elderly neighbors actually tell us "welcome back" to the neighborhood.
When Z and I got to enter the church to see the inside, we were rewarded with the most lovely views. It was a beautiful moment.
What I love to share is that the inside, history and heart of this church around the corner from my home is as lovely as the architecture.
You just don't picture Los Angeles in this light very often from the outside, you know?



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