Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mimi sewing by hand

Mimi, aka the Design Director, is a very busy little girl. She has her momma's energy level, which isn't hyper at all, but it never ever stops.
She also has a brain that does well with tasks that help her organize her thoughts, as they can be scattered, also like Momma.
The problem when you are five is that fine motor skills aren't fully fired up yet and since she's so much like me, she tends to excel in activities that are more artistic than athletic. (read: I am horrible at sports. It's hideous. I feel bad for passing any portion of that on)
So keeping busy can be frustrating for a busy soul without an outlet. Today, Mimi struggled through the afternoon, unable to do what she wanted to do creatively, until we stumbled onto this inspiration.. She saw a sewn beaded crystal heart my friend gave me this summer and decided she wanted to make one.. It was her first time using a sharp needle or beading anything, but after I showed her - she picked it up pretty quickly. Much faster and better than I'd expected. We even brought the project with us to our concert picnic this evening. I'm very impressed.



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