Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rock pets

One of our "Camp Mommakid" projects in the mountains was making these silly rock pets from random items in Mimi's art bin and rocks we found on our walks. The more we made, the funnier they got.

Coco in Love goes to Jersey

I'm not a Jersey girl, but the Worth family has roots in rural (beautiful) New Jersey. On our trip to visit them this week, we've gotten some nice pics of my #2 favorite Libby Dibby skirt. (#1 is Out & About) Gotta say, I love those big dots..

Caramel latte, anyone?

As we've been traveling around this summer, it's been a goal of mine to get some decent pics of some of the skirt patterns we haven't photographed yet. Last week, we were at Big Bear Lake in the SoCal mountains and got these pics of Caramel Latte. 

(still to come: Coco In Love - as she travels along the East Coast and into the Midwest)

Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's Day today... And I have to celebrate the two men in my life who've been so amazing as fathers... My Dad and my husband... 

My dad is an artist and designer... A passionate man whose creative spirit and imagination have shaped so much of my vantage points. He also taught me about hard work and taking time out for quiet. The
world has lot of silly humor for me, largely because I was raised by a man who saw that side of things.

Then I married the man we call "Captain Fun"... A gentle spirited, patient and creative man who accepts me and my quirkiness as delightful. He is talented and thoughtful and his even outlook on life has broughtnso much peace and joy to my life. I feel our kids were blessed beyond compare when they were given such an amazing daddy.
 (I wrote about him on designing moms this week -

(oh, and a shout-out to my father in law who fathered such a great guy.)
Happy Father's Day!



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