Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Handmade Scrappy Journals.

I love these journals. And I'm picky about journals. I fill up at least 4-6 journals and sketchbooks a year and I have a collection of both used and unused journals waiting their turn to be used... But now that I'm making these, the other ones are put on hold.

I've been making them for a while, but now they're cuter, a standard size, with nicer grommets, and bigger book rings. After using these the last year, here's why I like them better than my other (waiting) journals:

1 - They're sturdy
2 - They lie flat when you are drawing, writing, etc... and they fold back, too
3 - They're refillable. Don't like what you made? need a piece of scratch paper? These are not fussy. Refill it with some other fancier - or less fancy paper.
4 - They're cute. (some of them even have pen pockets now)
5 - They're scrappy and GREEN and we all know how much I love to use my scraps.
6 - They make great gifts. (I think I've given over 25-30 as gifts)

I've recently made a whole new batch and have put a few of them tonight on etsy.

What I'm wearing for Mother's Day

You know I wear Libby Dibby wrap skirts for pretty much every holiday, right? This Mother's Day, I'm not... I splurged, and used up all my gift certificates yesterday and got this PRETTY dress at Anthropologie... Oh, it's so pretty... (sigh)
J's reaction? "yummy"

2 days left to enter the Fierce Handbag free giveaway

Dont forget about the bag giveaway!
You've got until May 6 to enter... Comment on the blog post here:



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