Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying to make sense. A collage.

Got a little extra sleep last night. Which meant I got to stay up tonight and work on a project. I wanted to work on that yellow and grey quilt I've got all pinned and ready, but remembered that for lent this year, I decided to revisit my commitment from last year- which was to add to my personal creative time a few introductory moments of meditative creative time... Last year, I was so happy with how I grew spiritually and artisically during Lent by offering a little more of myself creatively to the more spiritual side of life - to my love for God... It seemed a great thing to try again this year.
So tonight I got out a collage I've been meaning to get to for a few months. I think I'd like to offer it here without too much explanation, ... for you to see and think about and absorb without too much of my own pontificating. (my personal meaning is not obvious or typical - it comes from a feeling I had after a story I heard...perhaps you'd like to share what it presents to you?)
Doing collage is good for my soul. Sewing is, too, but collage seems to rest a little deeper down in there. Which is good, I need some of that right now. A fussy baby is hard on the soul.
(good night!)

Trying to keep it all inspired - one yard wonders

I know, I've been neglecting you, little blog... Which just goes to show I've also been neglecting me.

Ace is not what I'd call an easy baby. Sweet - yes... Easy - absolutely not. We are sleep deprived and ache-y. Every night I look at my to do list of awesome projects and I sit down to catch my breath after the "bedtime battle" and I crash hard core.
This morning I'm trying just to peek at a stack of my favorite books with Ace on my lap (not going so well)... But at least I can show you this book...
"one yard wonders" by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. What's fun about this book (Besides all the awesome projects) is that it's basically a collaboration of many many different bloggers and artists sending in their ideas... There are 101 of them, whereas most of these project books are in the 30-50 range. (and the Barnes & Noble version has 5 extra)...
Super fun and cute. You can also hear a funny interview with one of the authors on Craftsanity
Happy reading!



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