Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little notebooks (from re-used calendar)

These are what were supposed to be done last night before I did all my
other projects... Little scrappy notebooks for the friends at my table
at MOPS tomorrow... They were super fun and easy. I basically
laminated the pretty parts of an old calendar of mine (2009!) on a
small laminator I have here (bought the refills at the dollar store)
and cut some cardstock the same size. Punched holes. Added bookrings
and tied up with my new scrappy bows. Pretty!

Project 1 of 10 last night -appliqued sweatshirt

Or maybe there were 11. (I love nights like that... I hop into bed around 1am, exhusted and giddy about all I got done)

This is the most exciting project I did yesterday. The inspiration came for it at about 10:30 pm, but I knew I had to do it then, or it would become just another item on my to-do list. I'd actually bought the sweatshirt at a discount store earlier in the day for a few dollars. As I was doing carpool,I noticed some beautiful flowering trees and I daydreamed about maybe stretching a cherry blossom branch across the blank canvas of the sweatshirt... And then last night, while digging through my massive box of scraps, I noticed that the pattern on this vintage piece looked a lot like a cherry blossom... (hmmmmmm...) ... And we're off!

The whole project took a few hours to do because of the detail and I really wish I'd done it using heat'n'bond instead of Beacon's glue (less fraying on all those detailed edges)... And why didn't I think of using my new bottle of Fabric Mod Podge that I haven't tried yet? (it was late...) Anyhow, here it is and I love it. It may end up with another bloom, or not, crawling up the hood or down the opposite sleeve... We shall see.

Another 10 project night

Details to come, because some of these projects were actually really cute up close... But tonight was one of those nights where I just cranked. I counted and I got 10 different things made... Oh, but didn't do the one thing that was on my to-do list. :)
I just went with the inspiration and let it be organic tonight.... That was fun.



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