Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another body to clothe

The Design Director got an American Girl doll from her grandparents for Christmas. Which means we now have another body to clothe around here... And since I'm unwilling to pay more to clothe a doll than I use for myself, she's now getting handmade stuff as well. As an incentive to practice reading, Mimi now has a little chart. She read 10 books aloud to earn mittens for Kit this week. So here they are. She was so excited about them tonight that she almost couldn't go to sleep.

The cowl

Just realized the last post didn't have a good angle of the cowl. Here you go.
If you are a knitter... Easy recipe... 2 thick yarns used together as one. Thick needles. Knit in the round to measurement. (mine were on size 15 needles with 60 stitches around). K2, P2 for 6 rows at the bottom, knit to desired height then K2, P2 6 more rows. All done!

Green and red

Well, I couldn't find a way to post this without putting my face in, so please bear with the huge pic of my face. (have i mentioned how weird i feel about pics of myself? Let alone my huge face?) The intention was to show you my new Christmas gifts (the earrings and crocheted hat) with my most recently completed knitting project, the cowl. Why have I not knitted a cowl before? I love knitting in the round and with size 15 needles and two yarns at once, this thing was FAST! I'm also finding that a cowl is the perfect scarf to wear inside my freezing house. (subtract the earrings and this is how I looked in my house last night... Same pajama top and all)
The earrings were a gift from J's mom. They were made by a friend of hers in Beverly Hills that sells to Bloomies and Anthropologie. (I'll find out her name). They are a little heavy, but SO super pretty, eh? And the hat was an etsy gift. (When Ze Artiste saw it, he said, "momma, you used to have a blue one like that hat.") right-eo little buddy... Momma loves hats! And earrings. And scarves. Oh darn, I just love accessories in general... And I haven't even told you how much
I've fallen in love with fingerless gloves this winter, have I?

Ps. Green and red will continue to be put together LONG after the holidays are over. My two favorite colors? They have to work outside of December... Blast all convention...

Now that Christmas is over

Lest you think I'm not into sewing anymore... Tonight the sewing machines came out again. Believe it or not, J has been telling me I should get back to sewing, knowing I do so much better with that outlet. But sewing was sadly on the back burner this past month as I cranked through all my other Christmas crafts/gifts. And tonight's inspiration came from the fact that I gave my only French press cozy to my mom on Christmas day, as we discussed how the only bummer about FP coffee is it's rapid temperature decline. I switched into sales mode right there, "but Mom, you have to try my French press cozy! Combined with my tea cozy, it keeps my coffee hot
as long as I need to until my next cup! Here, have mine!" (mild objections from J in the background...) uh oh. Now I need to make one for us again.
So there's nothing like the threat of cold coffee to get a gal motivated. And out popped a few French press cozies... Oh, and then I needed a covering cozy that didn't say "TEA" on it... So now I've got a new match set in this awesome green "nest" print by Moda. (I've been saving this fabric for something for months. I'm thrilled to find a use for it where I get to enjoy it daily)
So now that Mom has my wraparound cozy, maybe she needs a covering cozy too, to complete the set? And since Dad drinks tea and Mom drinks coffee... Well what word works for both? (smile) "HOT"
I love it.
Mom, look what you get when we come to your place tomorrow!



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