Thursday, May 14, 2009

Viva Italia.

So in 10 days, I'm off to Italy. I simply cannot wait.
Want to hear something funny? I've got a few (unrelated) customers in Italy who have me bringing skirts to Italy to mail to them while I am in the country...  so if you are in Italy, reading this and wanting to get your hands on a Libby Dibby item... place your order in the next few days and I will bring it with me!

iPhone love

You all know how much I love my iPhone. I use it to blog from the playground, the coffee shop... everywhere I go. It makes my life so happy. So I decided to make my iPhone happy recently.

I made it a little case. Only the first one wasn't right. Neither was the second. Then I decided I was having too much fun making these and made up a whole batch of them. (None of them are good enough to sell with any confidence... if you want one, look up "phone wallet" on etsy, there are lots of cute and inexpensive ones there!)

Still, some of my friends (and sisters) are being gifted with these happy little deals.

LOST - meet my new friend, "Season Five"

We are avid LOST fans. J used to work on the show and still works with the same team of people on his current projects, so we REALLY love the show. Besides the fact that it's great. (and other than "CHUCK", the only thing I watch faithfully, though I am about 10 episodes behind on CHUCK...)
If you are a LOST fan, you know it can get tense. And if you are a friend of mine, you know I don't sit still very well. So I knit through each episode, taking my fears out on the yarn. (it's quieter than a sewing machine)
Last night's 2 hour season finale did me in... It also gave me time to finish up this season's project. J - who was sitting in stunned silence at the end of the show looked over at my little friend (he thought I was working on a scarf), burst out laughing, and immediately gave the little guy a name... "well, hello, Season Five!"



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