Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another book bag

I'm a book bag addict. They're my favorite gift item right now! So I made this one for a friend of mine who happens to love orange. she's getting it tomorrow.

Move over, beanbag

It may not be Chicago, but California bungalows were not built for cold weather and this old 1922 house is drafty... So tonight, my newly-crafty friend, Kelly came over and as she used my scraps to make some sweet Valentines placemats, I made this little draft snake to keep some of the cold air out. The best part is that I stuffed it with other fabric scraps and selvedge edges and the weight is perfect... Less than a beanbag, more than polyfil... And crazy Eco-green.
Now, if only I could keep Ze Artiste from using it as a baseball bat.

Another tea cozy

The design director also made a tea cozy for her little teapot, which also gets a lot of use when momma's is in good use.... She came up with this design all by herself. I came back to the table
and it was done! Hooray for crayola's fabric markers....

It was a cold, rainy day

So our teapot and French press got jackets... I can't take full credit for the witty words on the tea cozy... There is a tea cozy in "bend the rules sewing" that also says the same.... Though I did the trim, artwork, and quilting of my own accord.... Fun project and I enjoyed my first stab at a quilted project!



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