Friday, January 16, 2009


hey friends.
I uploaded a ton to Flickr tonight. I've been signed up, but not really ever used it before...
are you all on it? do you use it?

Have I told you lately? (Dohippy)

Talking to people about my Dohippy bags always reminds me why I love them. I haven't yet been able to find a good way to demo online (I know, I need a video!)... how they work, but it's great to see people's eyes light up with surprise at how many ways one bag works. I always hear, "these are SO clever!" (at which point, I explain how I inherited the inventing gene from my dad...)
So here is my attempt at showing one bag, MANY ways. I really need to photograph these for etsy... I have a fabulous batch of about 30 right now...



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