Monday, January 5, 2009

Last chance for this skirt...

This skirt sold faster than all the other spinny skirts... and it, of course, is the discontinued pattern from Fall Springs.... so I thought we were out for good, until I went sorting through my scrap bags from the other night - and I found a mini-motherload - enough at least to make 2 or 3 skirts.
So I have made a listing for it on etsy.

okay, enough about that. I just posted it, since so many of you asked.

Pants! For me!

Okay. I'm burning the midnight oil a little, but I am freaking out over how cute these turned out! They are a modification (I can't follow directions well and always want to change things) on Amy
's wide leg pants pattern, from her book, In Stitches. They were so easy to make and I have never made pants before...
And I actually had 2 leftover pieces of her fabrics to piece together to make these wide leg capris. Sooooo fun.
It's a little too cold to wear these now, but this is LA, it won't be that long...
I made another (silky) pair in the full length style that I am putting on right now!
I'm going to bed now, I promise...



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