Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crafty/gifty night - and all the fun we had!

Phew! I'm tired!
But tonight's "crafty/gifty" night was SO fun.
I think I may have a few converts to my insane way of living and creating - and more than one friend asked about how much a sewing machine costs...
We had 3 different machines going and I made these gals sew! Everyone left with multiple items that they'd made - most everyone had at least 2-3 different things that were completed.
The funniest thing to me was when J walked in at 10pm, everyone in the house went, "oh....." at the same time - knowing that the fun had to end eventually.
Here are fun photos from the event.
some of the things made... embellished tees, bookbags and totes, headbands, sachets, cloth napkins, ornaments, lots of earrings, a hand-painted stool, some painted canvases, pillows and more! I helped everyone a little bit - but these girls really did their own work... they were so funny calling their hubbies - saying things like, "yeah, ME! I was just sitting down at a sewing machine sewing! ME!" super fun... everyone was asking about when we could do it next.
I wonder what J thinks...



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