Monday, September 8, 2008


my friend, Christy, emailed me and a few others of our friends today, asking us what our favorite superpower would be to possess...

I liked thinking about this. This is what I emailed back to her. What would yours be?
Though Christy makes a great case for the flying superpower... I think I my superpower would be to be able to stop time when I wanted... and maybe even have the ability to go back about a minute for do-overs, too.
I could catch up on sleep, have long quiet times, do as much artwork as I wanted and not feel guilty. I could enjoy a specific moment longer - a sunset, seeing my kids in a cute moment or just snuggling with Jay on the couch. I could use my time to think of the best thing to say when I get my toungue tied - I could even work through my anger over a situation before answering a difficult situation.
There are lots of times that I wish I could freeze a moment, or bottle it up and revisit it... but I guess I'd just most want the ability to savor moments better.



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