Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Design Director and me

So we were off to another princess birthday party last weekend - this time for 4 year old twins, and I decided I didn't like the gifts I had bought for them...

ahhhhh.... well, the 3.5 year old Design Director and I got to work... and we made these with some fun supplies we had laying around here.
of course, she had to have one as well... but the fun part was that she did make a lot of the decisions herself - 4 flowers in each garden, since they are 4, which colors, which buttons for the sunshines... we had a lot of fun putting these together... and they didn't take all that long.

The best part is that we found another use for Great-Grandma's yoyos... so we carry more of her treasures with us through life, and pass them on to other friends.



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