Thursday, December 20, 2007

A matter of taste

I grew up in a home with ultra-modern design. My dad loves clean lines and mid-century modern and Italian designers. Though my parents' love for the whimsical and ecletic definitely was passed down to me, it makes me laugh to think of how much I love old quilts, mismatched wood furniture, glass doorknobs, and many forms of recycled "junk"... Another thing of beauty to me...

I have the coolest friends

I love gifts in general- giving as much as getting - maybe more- but I
really do love receiving handmade gifts from the Blue Sky Girls,
(Tori, Holly, and Michele - and a few others - Nichole, Jill, and Monica - we've picked up along the way...)
- who are my friends, old coworkers, mentor - and generally the most inspirational group of women artists I know.
I received this hanging "ornament" from Holly this year.
I still hold out hope that we will all someday live in the same city...

This piece makes me quiet my heart just a little more when I look at it.
There is not much "sublime" about the 1.5 year old singing "small world"
at the top of his lungs as I write this, but I'm thinking it is somehow a
little good to have the ends of the spectrum represented.



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